Now Smell and Interact in 6D Movie

The days are gone of seeing movies with three dimensional glasses, the idea is soon likely to change wih the arrival of 6D movie. The Town of Taj, Agra might have the very first this particular theatre in Asia, to become opened up by by Adlabs Movie theaters together with Cinema Park Network.

Watching a 6D movie will be a unique and multi-physical experience for that movie-enthusiasts. Aside from the typical audio-visual show, you could even smell, touch, ride and interact. This really is known as 6D experience that is introduced by specifically designed wise chairs. These chairs are outfitted with back, leg and butt ticklers, neck and face air blast, water spray, stereo system loudspeakers and scent and wind effect. Each participant have a personal remote along with a small Vast screen enabling him to have interaction with other people.

The film entitled “India in Motion” will be the first 6D be seen in Agra. It might be a edutainment experience for college students, educational institutes, human assets department, vacationers and families.

So be ready for the brand new experience that’s soon likely to tickle you. Although not sure about how exactly Indian audiences would view it, thinking about they’re still interested in watching Bollywood movies instead of watch a 25-min documentary, because cinema viewing continues to be a phenomenon where families go like a have a picnic to determine movie, eat, shop and revel in.