30 Mile Zone and TMZ.com, a Celebrity Gossip Site

TMZ.com, the very best Hollywood news and gossip site operated by Harvey Levin is really named after Thirty Mile Zone – a place in LA, California 90016 populated by celebs.

The 30-Mile-Zone area comes from the intersection of Beverly Blvd and La Cienega Boulevard in La, California – Map


Lady Gaga rings in the seasons cheer

Christmas is just round the corner, check. You are out of guesses when it comes to Lady Gaga, check. Put two together and you get the Gaga Tree

Sigh! Decorating the Christmas tree would not be fun anymore!


Google Book Scanning Facilities Found

The robot book checking machine that’s privately checking and digitizing countless books for Google Books search is located someplace near Chennai in India.

Google most likely outsourced it checking jobs to India in order to keep costs down.

When you will find no books to scan, this subterranean place known as “Googl Browsing Center” offers services varying from Get married Creating, Logo design Design, PDF conversion, OCR Image Processing, Document Checking, Laser Printing and ofcourse, Internet Browsing. via

iPhone Problems – Touch Screen Typing, 5 hour Battery Life

The greatest problem using the apple iphone isn’t the hefty cost however the battery existence, the touchscreen and lack of a keyboard.

While Apple states that apple iphone battery can survive your 5 hrs of web surfing / speaking / music / video play, there isn’t any choice to swap the drained battery with another fully billed battery because the batteries are sealed within the apple iphone body just such as the ipod device.

One other issue may be the much over-blown apple iphone touchscreen as Serta Frommer puts it:

Many BlackBerry users, once familiar with the keyboard, can type without looking. Can you thumb out a text message on an iPhone screen without undivided attention? Will it work in the rain? Or if you’re wearing a bandage? Will it scratch, as the iPod screens have been infamous for? Link

Child Birth Video Showing Delivery of a Baby

YouTube rocks !! If you’re within the later stages of being pregnant and planning yourself for giving birth, the next three dimensional video animations available on YouTube provides you with good quality idea how an infant is shipped.

The videos cover both Cesarean Birth (also known as C-Section) and also the natural vaginal delivery of the baby.

Google Maps 360°Camera for Shooting Street View Pictures

This is the 360 °digital camera head that captures still images for Google Maps – street view photographs that now available for San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver.

This Google Maps camera can be carried by hand or mounted over cars or airplanes. The camera shoot images at 11 different angles at a 100 megapixel resolution.

Google says the imagery is “gathered by vehicles driving public property streets equipped with imaging technology”.

So the next time you see some car or van around your house with this 11 lens camera mounted on the top, shut the door and the windows of your house if you are really worried about your privacy.

Thankfully, they are shooting images for Google Street Maps only from the roads and not inside the building premises.

Unlocked Apple iPhone That Accepts Any GSM SIM Card

Will Apple release an unlocked apple iphone (that accepts sim associated with a cellular operator like other GSM phones) – that might be the very best question in your thoughts now as Apple apple iphone is ready to debut in couple of hrs on AT&T stores in The United States.

There’s little reason to think that Apple will themselves release an unlocked apple iphone given their exclusive contract with AT&T [so pricier apple iphone in India yet] but there’s a good venture that creative minds will discover some workarounds and also the unlocked type of apple iphone may soon be on eBay stores in India and round the world. For the time being, you might buy apple iphone books and add-ons.

The Unlocked phone might not have everything that is included with the Cingular-Apple package [like Google Maps] but nonetheless, you’ll have an apple iphone phone that may SMS or make voice calls. Set a reminder on eBay and what’s promising might be inside your mailbox soon.

The most recent auction for unlocked apple iphone on eBay was running for $352 but appears like the Apple lawyers have flexed their muscle and it is offline now. apple iphone versus Rim, N95, Wallpapers

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