Now introduce yourself to the prospective employer through Video Resume

Video Resume also called Visume is really a new technology whereby employment seeker describes her/his career objective, qualifications, abilities, education and history of employment to some prospective employer virtually, inside a controlled atmosphere.

The anxiety and anxiety frequently familiar with first meeting are actually a factor of past. With Video Resume, the first is in charge from the first meeting and then the first impression you make with that employer.

Monster India may be the first web site to launch video resume service. Using the elevated utilization of broadband, advanced video technology and enthusiasm for movie discussing, video resume is placed to create its mark in India.

It won’t replace text resumes only compliment it. Using the preliminary screening through video resumes, the candidates really needed to do the job is going to be known as for that interview therefore not waste time and charges on finishes.

Using the video resume technology in the nascent stage will make time to obtain a foothold, email bombarding, video production costs, privacy and discretion of job seeker’s information might be major preventives. Furthermore, visual presentation of abilities and encounters might not be as effective and particular as text presentation.


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