One Simple Trick To Increase your RSS Subscriber Count

Do you consider that new individuals are no more signing up for your Feed though you’re regularly feeding your blog animal with fresh content that’s unique and helpful ?

David Bradley includes a simple but effective solution – educate non-nerdy customers about RSS and just what would they do once they observe that orange RSS XML icon online.

Dork added a “What is RSS” link close to the XML subscribe button and immediately observed an increase in the customer base. His rationale:

I get blank stares from buddies and relatives after i mention blogs, rss, rdf, newsfeeds, and the like, as well as a couple of web design service co-workers are yet to embrace we’ve got the technology. Adding that “What is RSS?” publish could make a big difference between their never discovering and really signing up for your feed with Bloglines, Google Readers, or Opera Active Bookmarks.

Many people still hit sites almost at random while looking for their key phrases inside a internet search engine. So, allow these to hang in there. Give a “What is RSS?” publish and produce them in to the fold. Link


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