Life as a Professional Blogger in India

Merriam-Webster find the term “blog” because the top word of 2004, 1000’s of recent blogs appeared to be produced every single day, however in India, blogging was relatively a mystery phenomenon.

After I quit my job having a software company to become professional blogger, many people (mother incorporated) won’t really know very well what I had been doing on the web constantly. But situations are so different now. Increasingly more Indians are jumping the blogging bandwagon.

And it is not only restricted to nerds or IT men, you’ll find students, average women, instructors, journalists, grandpa’s as well as working professionals in India who’re into blogging or at best reading through other blogs.

For me personally, the entire year 2006 would be a level – the traffic coming initially from from India increased continuously, I possibly could connect because of so many intriguing and like-minded people while using energy of blog conversations, and in contrast to previous years, it grew to become relatively simple to monetize blogs since information mill progressively going on the internet to showcase their items and services.

I acquired an opportunity to speak in a couple of blogging conferences in India this season and also the response was overwhelming. It seamless comfort whenever you find people thinking about blogs as a substitute career to regular day jobs or perhaps a side-hobby that will help them pay a couple of bills.

The entry barrier is very low and also you won’t look for a better platform to talk about your ideas and opinions to the world. Write something unique which comes out of your heart and relaxation everything follows. [For HT Year Edition]

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