Blogs Banned in India

When reported that blogs were blocked by certain ISPs in India, I truly didn’t pay much attention thinking it had been merely a temporary technical problem faced just by couple of individuals India.

But because the storyline began to unfold, it grew to become obvious that the Indian ISPs had restricted use of popular sites like, and

The unfortunate factor was that even if 1000’s of legitimate Writers were impacted by the prohibit, the Indian Telecom authorities have made the decision to stay tight lipped on why the prohibit was enforced in the to begin with so when could it be apt to be lifted.

As the Government might be in obstructing websites that spread religious extremism or threaten “national security”, I believe they ought to have applied more logical thinking before giving the directive to ISPs.

BLOCKED BLOGS: Some blogs that contains vital info on Mumbai blasts are also blocked.

If some site located on consists of objectionable content, what makes them penalising countless other sites? Could it be the federal government to become blamed for obstructing the “good” sites or perhaps is it the ISPs?

I’d put more blame on ISPs who don’t have the technical expertise to bar only couple of web pages without having affected other sites on a single domain. Some blogs located on have demonstrated to become vital resources throughout the tsunami disaster and also the newer train blasts in Mumbai.

The Karnataka condition mother and father the official blog on Blogspot for connecting the citizen using the police. But because of the federal government prohibit, these good resources are no more available to anybody in India.

Yes, you will find workarounds to bypass the prohibit but the number of people would feel at ease using individuals techniques? Are you able to imagine non-techies and moms using Internet Proxies or any other geekie methods to gain access to the restricted blogs? Not a way.

As being a professional blogger, I really earn a living from my technology blog located on For me personally, traffic means revenue however this prohibit has negatively hit the visitors to my blog coming initially from from India and thus has got the revenue.

I’m able to still have the ability to survive using the reduced traffic since a majority of my visitors come from outdoors India but how about other Writers who depend only on traffic from India ? What makes them being penalised?

I believe the federal government owes a reason here. With the media glare and growing protest by Writers, I really hope the ISPs and also the Government asia understand their mistake and lift the prohibit really soon. We shouldn’t another China.


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