Picasa vs Flickr – Which Photo Sharing Service is Best for You?

When Google released Picasa Web Albums in June 2006, we authored an in depth review evaluating Google’s offering with Flickr, a Yahoo! possessed service. Flickr clearly become the champion in Round One but many things have transformed since that time.

Both Yahoo and google have up-to-date their online photo discussing services within the last couple of several weeks and thus we made the decision to perform a comparison again – Flickr versus Picasa Albums Round II.

Photo Storage Space and Uploading Limits

If you have a totally free Flickr account, you are able to upload 100MB of photos each thirty day period however the counter is totally reset ever month and also the overall space for storage thus remains limitless for free Flickr accounts. With Picasa Web Albums, you receive only only 250MB of free space for storage.

Cost & Benifits of a Pro Account

A Flickr Professional Account can be obtained for all of usDollar24.95 annually and also you get limitless space for storage and limitless bandwidth. A $25 yearly subscription on Picasa Web Albums will enable you to get only 25 GB of additional space for storage and when you have to pay $500 each year, you receive 500 GB of space for storage in Picasa Web Albums. Unlike Flickr, there is no limitless space option in Picasa Web.

Limitations of a Free Account

Free of charge customers, Flickr will limit the amount of photos which are displayed to simply the 200 most lately submitted photos although the older photos will not be erased. Even the large size photos are instantly resized to 1024 pixels during the time of uploading. Each photo that you simply upload to some free Flickr account should be under 5MB in dimensions.

Picasa Web Albums will not re-size your high definition pictures even when you’re a free user. They limit the person photo size to 10 Megabytes.

Uploading Photos Online

Both Picasa Web and Flickr offers fundamental tools for uploading pictures online but Picasa Web Album customers come with an advantage here – they are able to make use of the Picasa Image Editor to upload their photos directly while using software. No such “official” tools exists for Flickr yet that may enhance images as well as upload them.

Downloading Pictures from your Photo Galleries

If this involves installing images on the internet for your hard disk drive, Picasa Web Albums wins with a large margin again because of Picasa software. Customers can choose the Picasa albums / pictures that they would like to download and also the software will instantly download the whole occur just one click. A helpful feature that you’ll miss in Flickr.

Other Unique Features of Flickr

» Flickr enables anybody to include notes in your photos or annotate them.

» Flickr easily allows you search public photos of other customers by tags, explanations or perhaps according to Camera models.

» Having a Flickr professional account, you are able to replace one photo with another keeping the tag information, picture description and comments intact. May prove useful if somebody is applying your photos without credit.

Picasa vs Flickr – Who’s the winner ?

Google has certainly compensated large amount of focus on Picasa within the last couple of several weeks – they’ve added support for tags, introduced professional makes up about worldwide customers and considerably enhanced the Picasa desktop software.

However, Picasa Web is extremely costly – Flickr offers limitless space for storage for $25 an year while Google wants you to definitely pay $ 1 per GB.

Picasa software certainly makes existence very feasible for controlling your web Picasa Web Album account but apart from that, we actually found no convincing reason to change from Flickr to Picasa Web Album.

Flickr clearly walks away because the champion of Round II too. In Flickr, you seem like being a fundamental element of some community, something which you’d never experience inside Picasa Web Albums.


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