AdSense on Blogs at $15 per year per blog

In case your blog is located using blogging, you can’t monetize it with Adsense, Text Link Advertisements, PayperPost or any other advertising programs as that’s from the rule book.

Backed / compensated posts including PayPerPost and ReviewMe aren’t allowed. Backed / compensated links aren’t allowed. Text advertisements aren’t allowed.

Adsense, Yahoo, Chitika along with other advertisements aren’t allowed to become added by customers. Adverts that might be placed when utilizing an exterior blogging program is going to be blocked.

One discreet connect to Amazon . com per blog is ok, but when the main reason for your blog would be to drive traffic towards affiliate marketing programs it is not permitted. If you are unsure, contact support.

However, for those who have a self-host form of WordPress downloaded from, you can modify templates or integrate advertising code inside.

Now some hope for those who have blogs using blogging – you’ll have the ability to add adsense for your blogs soon.

Based on Protector, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg intends to allow customers to include Google’s AdSense for their blogs. It might be a compensated upgrade and customers will need to pay around $15 annually per blog to determine Adsense advertisements running around the their blogs.


Blogging Jobs: Bloggers Looking for Blog Writing Jobs

You will find lots of blogging related jobs obtainable in India – search any job site like Monster, Naukri or Occasions Jobs and you will see a ton of posts needing full-time or part-time writers. Authors are usually compensated in line with the quantity of blog posts or even the produced traffic. In some instances the advertising revenue is split between your content author and blog owner.

Here’s one blog job posting that caught my attention (browse the job description carefully to understand the actual aim of the organization which has published the task):

Designation: Content Author with Search engine optimization Targetted Article Writing Abilities

Keyword: Content Author, Copywriter, Content Editor, Author, Copyeditor, Content Developer, Content, Copy, Search engine optimization Copywriter, Search engine optimization Copy, Search engine optimization Copyeditor, Blog, Blogging, Blogger.

Blog Job Description:

Write keyword wealthy articles with your Search engine optimization Specific article writing abilities for existing sites/blogs in our clients. You have to have the ability to re-phrase existing happy to your personal words.

You ought to have knowledge of writing and submitting articles rich in keyword density. This requires writing key phrases wealthy articles for client’s site in addition to writing and submitting articles for other blogs and generate awareness for the client.

Star Ratings Widget for Blogger Blogs from SpotBack

Spotback is really a new tool that allows customers rate and uncover content on blogs and websites. With this particular free tool customers can provide you with feedback effortlessly with a single click only.

By rating a publish, each user will get personal recommendations with other publish inside your site. Since customers have the means to find more publish they enjoy, they visit more pages and remain longer in your site.

Adding it really is easy – usually one type of code will have the desired effect. To understand more about the tool visit

You are able to copy the code from Or make use of the wordpress plugin if you work with the wordpress platform. plugin/about [By Osnat Vider]

Now introduce yourself to the prospective employer through Video Resume

Video Resume also called Visume is really a new technology whereby employment seeker describes her/his career objective, qualifications, abilities, education and history of employment to some prospective employer virtually, inside a controlled atmosphere.

The anxiety and anxiety frequently familiar with first meeting are actually a factor of past. With Video Resume, the first is in charge from the first meeting and then the first impression you make with that employer.

Monster India may be the first web site to launch video resume service. Using the elevated utilization of broadband, advanced video technology and enthusiasm for movie discussing, video resume is placed to create its mark in India.

It won’t replace text resumes only compliment it. Using the preliminary screening through video resumes, the candidates really needed to do the job is going to be known as for that interview therefore not waste time and charges on finishes.

Using the video resume technology in the nascent stage will make time to obtain a foothold, email bombarding, video production costs, privacy and discretion of job seeker’s information might be major preventives. Furthermore, visual presentation of abilities and encounters might not be as effective and particular as text presentation.

Don’t Rely on Traffic from Search Engines, Write Premium Content

Usability guru Jakob Nielson isn’t in support of writing content for search traffic:

If you are a specialist who would like to live from contributing to the world’s understanding, you have to exceed the mainstream Web type of single page visits driven by search traffic. You have to change the overall game and make content that’s so valuable that business customers are prepared to pay for this.

It’s also wise to concentrate on material that lower-rated content contributing factors can’t easily create within their free time.

These two needs are met whenever you produce in-depth content. Link

One Simple Trick To Increase your RSS Subscriber Count

Do you consider that new individuals are no more signing up for your Feed though you’re regularly feeding your blog animal with fresh content that’s unique and helpful ?

David Bradley includes a simple but effective solution – educate non-nerdy customers about RSS and just what would they do once they observe that orange RSS XML icon online.

Dork added a “What is RSS” link close to the XML subscribe button and immediately observed an increase in the customer base. His rationale:

I get blank stares from buddies and relatives after i mention blogs, rss, rdf, newsfeeds, and the like, as well as a couple of web design service co-workers are yet to embrace we’ve got the technology. Adding that “What is RSS?” publish could make a big difference between their never discovering and really signing up for your feed with Bloglines, Google Readers, or Opera Active Bookmarks.

Many people still hit sites almost at random while looking for their key phrases inside a internet search engine. So, allow these to hang in there. Give a “What is RSS?” publish and produce them in to the fold. Link

Rip, Save and Download Online Music and Internet Radio, The planet pandora, Yahoo! Music, iTunes Radio.. you will find a lot of great places where one can pay attention to streaming music online. Or visit any video discussing website like Google Video or YouTube and you’ll see the most recent videos from Bollywood movies, trailers and much more.

Ever desired to record this music from the web? Copyright issues apart, it’s greatly easy to download any music on the internet for your hard-drive being an MP3 file that you could later transfer for your ipod device or burn a sound Compact disc and pay attention to the background music inside your vehicle.

And did I only say that this won’t cost you a cent – we’ll get it done using totally free software (free as with beer).

To download videos from YouTube or Google Video as MP3 files, we’ll make use of a free service known as Online FLV ripper tools offered at vixy.internet.

Just give you the address from the YouTube video which site will instantly extract the audio part of that video that you could later download for your hard-drive being an MP3 file.

To record streaming music from online r / c, first install Audacity – a wide open-source seem editing software readily available for Home windows, Mac and Linux. (audacity.sourceforge.internet)

Run Audacity and select View -> Float Mixer Plugin. Within the drop-lower menu on Audacity’s mixer plugin, choose “Wave Out” or “Stereo Mix” because the input source.

Now open any radio station or music website inside your internet browser striking the play button. Change to Audacity and click on the red-colored Record button to begin recording. Once the song finishes, hit the area Bar to prevent recording. Repeat the cycle til you have recorded all songs.

The ultimate step would be to export this music as MP3. Goto File->Export Multiple and select MP3 format.

It’s not necessary to become a geek to download internet music.

Edit Digital Photographs and Images Online

You’re relaxing in a cyber café and want to tweak some digital pictures before delivering them across to buddies and family. Regrettably, the café owner hasn’t installed any image editing software on his computer apart from the internet browser.

Not a problem – there’s little reason to fret as possible still edit pictures with the browser without setting up any software – you just need a good web connection along with a internet browser like IE, Opera or Safari around the Mac.

Several online photo editing software make their debut previously year approximately and typically the most popular from the lot is – so intuitive and effective that it may give some commercial software a run for his or her money.

Pictures could be imported inside Picnik for editing through various techniques – you are able to upload them out of your hard-drive, have them from Flickr or pull the pictures from the web page. Picnik offers an impressive variety of tools to create your edits look great and professional.

You can include edges, rounded corners, blurs, vignettes along with other image effects which aren’t very easy to attain in the desktop equivalent like Picasa. The edited pictures can directly be saved online for your requirements on Flickr or any other photo discussing website or download them in your area.

There’s another quite interesting feature in Picnik – you are able to capture a screenshot associated with a web page in a single click and save that within an image format utilizing a free Opera add-on on the Picnik website.

If you’re accustomed to desktop photo editing applications like Illustrator, you’ll most likely love Fauxto – the interface, palette designs and also the toolset in Fauxto are extremely similar which you may even confuse it for Illustrator. There is a small difference though – while Picnik is really a photo editing tool, Fauxto is really a tool for creating graphics on your own.

The internet photo editing marketplace is set for more excitement as Adobe will quickly to produce free form of Illustrator that’ll be completely web-based like Fauxto and Picnik. It might not be as advanced because the commercial form of Illustrator but nonetheless sufficiently good to fulfill the requirements of probably the most home customers.